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From Wall Street North on Park Avenue in Manhattan to a private museum in Greece,
Kim’s talks inspire business men and women in ways that uplift, inspire and encourage.



Kim Ann Curtin speaking at St Bart’s in Manhattan on the topic of The Hero’s Journey


Speaking Topics

Authenticity: The Unexpected Key to Revenue

Imagine your authentic self unlocking and closing more sales, increasing revenue, and creating powerful and sustaining relationships. This interactive seminar will provide tangible steps that inspire individuals and teams on how authenticity is the unexpected key to success.

Say Yes: Accepting, then Transforming, your Reality

Frustration and uncertainty is felt in every boardroom and living room. This interactive talk will demonstrate that saying yes to challenging feelings are the key to transformation, forward movement and productivity.

Vulnerability – The New Authority

If you, and/or the people around you believe that authority and effectiveness emanate from labels like title, salary and degree come and be surprised by this interactive presentation. You will discover that trust, leadership, and connection derive from humanity.

Innovate Failure: Embracing Failures, Failing Better, and Finding Success

Avoiding failure costs time and money. Come interact with Kim as she describes how her own failure led to the start of a new company, new paradigm, and now, a new movement encouraging consciousness on Wall Street.

The Corporate Hero: Invigorating the Soul without Ditching the Office

Mythologist Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey model has the power to awaken the inner corporate Hero. Learn how to break out of the title and position trap, express more, and feel more connection in the work place.

A Conscious Wall Street: One Capitalist at a Time

Imagine a new Wall Street that embraces people and profits. “Conscious Capitalism” is an evolving movement and Kim interviewed 50 conscious capitalists from the world of finance who tell incredible and inspirational stories. If you work in finance you’ll walk away encouraged and hopeful.


Fee Schedule

United States & Canada – $20,000 USD*

International – $25,000 USD*

* Speaking fee is not inclusive of airfare, hotel, ground transportation, food and other miscellaneous expenses. This fee also includes consults leading up to the event so that Kim can best prepare and customize her presentation to meet the objectives of your event. Payment options are available. Engagements are booked 3-24 months in advance.

Call 646.420.2099 or email for more information.


Kim Ann Curtin speaking on the topic of Un-Networking at Affiliate Summit 2011


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Comments from Event Attendees:


“I had the privilege of listening to Kim’s seminar at NYU this summer while I was an intern. In person, she is a very personable leader who not only radiates confidence in her talk but also an extraordinary authenticity that is both very moving and inspirational. I have listened to many similar talks but none of them compare to what Kim delivered: she assured the audience that in the climb of becoming professional, one should also strive to be humane to each other as well.” - Prima Ryadina H. Utami

“Kim Ann Curtin is not your ordinary coach. Her stories, experiences and events in her life are astounding in itself; it truly proves that all it takes are passion, devotion and a little bit of luck. I attended one of her talks at NYU and it was one of the best speeches I’ve ever listened to. She was captivating, genuine and extremely personable. It gave me a kick-start and allowed me to discover the true principles in life and to believe in the people in it. It’s an authentic and motivational talk that everyone deserves to hear. I truly recommend Kim, she creates value to the important things in life that people often ignore.” - Pear Kulthanan

“I was very lucky to have had the chance to listen Kim Ann’s amazing talk at NYU. She is a leader, an inspirer, and a kind-hearted person. She reaches out to people and helps them to be authentic and be who they really are. As a student, this helps me realize what will make me most happy is to be myself and follow what I want to do in my life the most. There will be obstacles in fulfilling your dreams, but Kim Ann teaches that if you put in the best effort and mentality, they will become a reality. If Kim Ann is near your area, please come and hear her talk; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It will change the way you think about life.” - Bao H Nguyen


Testimonials from Event Organizers:

“On behalf of Dress for Success Worldwide, thank you for so generously giving your time to present at our 2013 annual leadership conference, Thriving Globally, Succeeding Locally. The conference provides an invaluable opportunity for the leaders of our affiliates from around the world to gather together and learn how to strengthen their individual organizations. Attendees truly benefit from the expertise and insights you shared with them. We are extremely grateful that you participated in this event and contributed so significantly to its success.” - Liz Carey, Executive Vice President, Affiliate Relations & Information Technology, Dress for Success

“Kim Ann Curtin recently delivered an interactive coaching session at NYU to participants of the NY Spring Dream Careers program. The theme of her session was “Stepping into Possibilities.” Her audience was college students and recent grads on a journey to discover and pursue their dream careers. Kim’s message was on point! We truly were inspired by her story and how she engaged the audience and led an interactive session. Kim delivered her takeaways with heart, humor, and through clever use of acronym DRAPE (which is extremely memorable, given her last name): 1 – Discover 2 – Risk 3 – Ask 4 – Persist” - Elina Leclaire, Director at Dream Careers

“It is with pleasure and total confidence that I highly recommend you have Kim as a speaker. I recently brought Kim in to lead a speaking event on the topic “Resolution Revolution” for our new and exciting event series Wonder Women in Action! During her talk Kim was able to inspire and engage everyone in the room. When our topic of conversation came to end there was a tangible buzz in the room and the question and answer segment culminated in a very successful event for all in attendance. Kim is a real Wonder Woman in Action!” – Aliya Hallim-Byne, Founder/CEO, Wonder Women


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