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Secure Your Profitability with Our Breakthrough Positioning System

Our premiere executive coaching will position you to secure profitability, freedom, and efficacy using our Break Through Positioning System.

This proven system is designed by a Wall Street executive coach who knows first hand how the “masters of the universe” have created their achievements in their careers and/or in their trading.

Our expert team of experienced coaches have worked with Fortune 500 companies, top traders, as well as some of the world’s leading hedge funds.

Push through the mental barriers you have struggled with for years and achieve the freedom, wealth, and consistency you seek. Our unique and personalized approach means that no matter where you are you will be able to level up and become the person you know you are meant to be.

Kim Ann Curtin

Kim Ann Curtin The Wall Street Coach
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Coaching for Executives, Traders & Firms

In Good Company

Work With a One of a Kind Team of Coaches

Kim Ann Curtin curated her coaching team to ensure every client that works with her firm will receive a premier experience. Work with a focused, experienced, and dedicated team of coaches that know how to solve the problems and pitfalls you face.   

Each  coach on The Wall Street Coach team has years of experience coaching profitable traders, C-suite executives, and leaders of the most recognizable companies around the world.

Our unique suite of coaching styles allows us to approach the challenges that traders and executives face in a way that no other coaching firm possesses.  

The Wall Street Coach will hand-pick the perfect coach for you. Once your coaching begins you’ll receive a clear and precise strategy, receive custom-tailored resources and finally have the roadmap you’ve been looking for to navigate the path in front of you. If you’re ready to up-level then buckle your seatbelt. Once you begin you’ll be surprised at how fast your life, career, and trading will all change for the better.

Your Plan

Partner with The Wall Street Coach to navigate whatever you’re up against. Whether you’re a leader in transition, an executive working to be more effective, or a trader searching for consistency our uniquely experienced coaches will provide you the support and direction you’ve been looking for:

  • Learn how to finally overcome FOMO
  • Increase & harness your discipline
  • Understand how your “Reward System” works 
  • Unmask how you self sabotage 
  • Stop poor decision making 
  • How to immediately turnaround bad performance
  • Access the “flow state” for unprecedented confidence
  • Zoom in past random outcomes & see the big picture 
  • Reconcile your relationship to risk
  • Discover your mental contradictions & misconceptions that keep you stuck

What Our Clients are Saying:

“Kim is an excellent executive coach. Her perspective, input and insight over the last few months have helped me hone my brand and focus and plans. Her strategic vision and big picture thinking are second to none. She is adept at understanding the finance world and human nature. A rare and effective combo. Her knowledge is robust. I recommend her if you are ready to up level personally or professionally."
Howard Lindzon
General Partner at Social Leverage
“Kim was able to put words to a lot of the common frustrations, issues, and emotions that traders deal with … my colleague and I had some mind-blowing sessions with Kim as well as some major breakthroughs.”
Tim Bohen
Lead Trainer for Stocks to Trade
“The majority of the work that I have been doing is with the help of Kim Ann Curtin. For me, the work has to do with reconciling my feelings about success, feelings about myself and living my best life while I’m ahead and sustaining it.”
Brian Lee
“Kim is a master coach in every way. Trading asks everything of a person and during the most challenging times it’s difficult to find your way mentally. Kim’s exceptional coaching and wisdom helped countless TrueTrader members find the courage and confidence to overcome their mental baggage and become the best versions of themselves. These transformations often transcending their trading careers and deeply impacted their very lives. This is not hyperbole but eye-witness testimony. Working with Kim has been one of the most rewarding endeavors we’ve offered our membership.”
Benito Segovia
CTO and Co-Founder of
“Since I started working with Kim, I've had my highest profit month (double my previous best). She brings out the best in me. I have worked with her as a coach for several months now, and I'm astounded by how she has helped me uncover the 'dragon in the basement.' From our first meeting, Kim has helped me improve my confidence so I can forge my own unique path. Coaching is a two-way street, and much will be asked of you, but if you take it on, you’ll see changes in your trading, and your life after the first session."
Matthew Monaco
Equities Trader
“If we are ever to reverse the current situation on Wall Street, we will need both inspiration and pragmatism. Kim's book is the best starter course I have seen yet”
Peter Senge
MIT, Sloan School of Management, Author the 5th Discipline

The Wall Street Coach Promises to: 

  • Help you find the courage and confidence to overcome your mental baggage
  • Show you how to become the best version of yourself
  • Teach you how to manage your fear of failure
  • Show you ways to increase your confidence
  • Point out your blindspots
  • Help you develop more discipline
  • Help you manage greed
  • Give you tools to stop overtrading
  • Teach you how to manage your ego
  • Help you become more calm
  • Custom design an arsenal of mental weapons specific to you
  • Help you craft a game plan to secure consistency
  • Show you how to unlock your internal strengths
  • Teach you how to Manage your mind
  • Help you stop FOMO in its tracks
  • Show you how to discover your money “set-point”
  • Teach you how to increase your energy, your creativity, your passion, your drive
  • Teach you how to become more patient

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