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Achieve your ambitious goals with more confidence, more alignment, and less stress using our Redesigning High-Performance System.

This proven system was built on The Five Practices, developed from private conversations with top investors like Bill Ackman, Jim Rogers, John Bogle and other Wall Street legends.

These principles were key in creating the success the “masters of the universe” experienced throughout their careers, organizations, and lives. Our Redesigning High-Performance coaching system helps you put these same practices into place in your own life.

Our experienced coaches will help push you through the mental barriers holding you back and hand you tailor-made, high-performance strategies, so you can achieve the freedom, wealth, and fulfillment you desire.

Kim Ann Curtin

Kim Ann Curtin The Wall Street Coach
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Here’s How It Works

Step 1: Choose the package that best fits your needs.

Step 2: After you register, you’ll receive an invitation to complete our proprietary Positioning Index. This assessment forms the foundation for your coach to build strategies unique to your specific strengths, goals, and potential blind spots.

Step 3: You’ll receive full access to more discovery resources, depending on the package you choose. These will help you and your coach create a custom roadmap to move goals, based on your vision and the obstacles holding you back.

Step 4: Your coach will reach out to schedule a time to start creating and putting your plan in place, helping you reach the next level in your career and throughout your life.

Step 5: Move forward with a unique, tailor-made plan to overcome mental barriers and drive you toward more success, balance, and enjoyment in your life.

Your Dedicated Expert Coach

Kim Ann Curtin curated her coaching team to ensure every client that works with The Wall Street Coach will receive a premier experience.

Each coach on The Wall Street Coach team has years of experience coaching C-suite executives, leaders, and traders of the most recognizable companies around the world.

Our unique suite of coaching styles allows us to approach the challenges traders, executives, and organizations face in a way no other coaching firm possesses.

Our Redesigning High-Performance coaching system uses our proprietary Positioning Index to gear your unique strengths, skills, and challenges to the Five Practices.

This combination of data, science, and strategic coaching is the key to unlocking brand new levels of performance and results for both yourself and your organization.

What Our Clients are Saying...

My jaw almost hit the table...

“Kim dug deep and delivered her hour-long assessment, my jaw almost hit the table because it felt as if Kim had lived inside my head and fully understood my value system, thought process, and behavioral tendencies. And with that, Kim offered great and pragmatic insights into how I can do even better."
Testimonial - Thuan Pham
Thuan Pham
former CTO of Uber
Helped Hone My Brand, Focus, and Plans

“Kim is an excellent executive coach. Her perspective, input and insight over the last few months have helped me hone my brand and focus and plans. Her strategic vision and big picture thinking are second to none. She is adept at understanding the finance world and human nature. A rare and effective combo. Her knowledge is robust. I recommend her if you are ready to up level personally or professionally."
Howard Lindzon
General Partner at Social Leverage
My Highest Profit Month (Double My Previous Best)

"Since I started working with Kim, I’ve had my highest profit month (double my previous best). Kim brings out the best in me. From our first meeting, Kim has helped me improve my confidence so I can forge my own unique path. Coaching is a two-way street, and much will be asked of you, but if you take it on, you’ll see changes in your trading, and your life after the first session."
Matthew Monaco
Uncover Blindspots

“Kim not only boosted my confidence to continue the path I am on, but my work with her helped to uncover some blind spots. Today, the calmness and serenity I bring to trading — most mornings — is largely due to this genuine, empathic, and intelligent woman.”
Ray D’Argenio
Trader/Poker Player & Co Host Confessions of a Market Maker
Results Well Beyond Originally Intended

“When you hire The Wall Street Coach, you’re hiring a strategic company who listens to the needs of your organization from a global perspective and to that of the individual. Kim Ann Curtin has the ability to help navigate through the mind field of work/life balance. Companies who hire The Wall Street Coach will see results well beyond what they originally intended.”
Emma Buls
Chief HR Officer, BC Partners
Helped Position My Promotion to Honor My Career and My Family

“When I reached out to Kim, I was already a very successful executive, in fact on the brink of a promotion, but I still felt my A+ game eluded me and I wanted more time for family. Kim helped me determine how to position my promotion so I could honor both. Additionally having her as a neutral sounding board enabled me to create a solution that had previously eluded me and my peers which our executive team found to be a breakthrough idea. Kim has an eye and a heart for seeing the potential in people. I highly recommend her.”
Kevin Hahn
Kevin Hahn
Regional Director, CRC | Crump
Unlock Your Internal Strengths

“Having had the pleasure of working with Kim Ann Curtin, I can tell you she is an excellent coach and guide. She can unlock your internal strengths. She can better you, just as she has already done for so many.”
Peter Leeds
Modern Strategies, Inc. Line 6 Holdings
Results Transcended Traders' Careers and Deeply Impacted Their Lives

“Kim’s exceptional coaching and wisdom helped countless TrueTrader members find the courage and confidence to overcome their mental baggage and become the best versions of themselves. These transformations often transcending their trading careers and deeply impacted their very lives. This is not hyperbole but eye-witness testimony.”
Benito Segovia
CTO and Co-Founder of

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