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0:30 - Kim's FREE ebook "Discipline and Finding Your Edge"
0:59 - Introducing Andres Armienta
2:40 - Getting comfortable with discomfort
4:18 - From pre-med to pro trader
6:55 - Andres' non-negotiables in trading
9:20 - Navigating resistance with family and friends
12:23 - Networking to speed up your learning curve
16:39 - Making the most of available resources
18:00 - Andres' biggest challenges when getting started — and now
21:40 - When is it time to adapt?
23:55 - The problem with "no days off" in trading
27:55 - Curiosity and noticing: elements of trading success
31:46 - What does trading have to do with surfing?
33:50 - Advice to traders in the volatile 2022 market
37:49 - Trading as a long-term commitment
38:55 - What do sports and discipline have to do with trading?
42:35 - Andres' final words and a message to traders
44:08 - Work with Kim!

Andres Armienta’s Journey From Pre-Med to Pro Trader 


When Andres Armienta started trading about four years ago, he was a was a pre-med student at UC Davis. Eventually, he thought he’d become a surgeon. But he couldn’t ignore his passion for the market — and despite being on a solid path, he decided to give his all to trading.

Now, at just 26, his hard work has paid off. He’s found success in the market, mainly as a short seller who focuses on small-cap intraday runners, gappers, and multi-day runs. He’ll go long occasionally, but short-selling is where he got started and initially found success, and that’s the craft he continues to hone.

Andres may be young in years, but he’s an old soul. Traders at every level can learn a thing or two from him! Here’s what you’ll learn in the episode:

What’s Non-Negotiable

A lot of people get into trading because they see other traders having success. But those who stay are constantly growing, adapting, and learning and committed to becoming better. Andres speaks to why “You can’t get through this game without giving it your all.”

Finding Your Community

Andres left a pre-med program to pursue full-time trading. To some, it seemed like he was “giving it all up” to trade — there was a lot of pushback. It was a very difficult decision. Learn how self-belief and support from the trading community helped him make the move. Andres also offers tips for finding your own “band of brothers” in the trading world and the right way to network.

His Biggest Challenges

In trading, you don’t need to be right to be successful. Instead, it’s all about letting your winners run and cutting losses quickly. That’s simple, but not easy! Your ego will be smashed over and over — Andres talks about key moments that helped him stay in the game and how he’s adapted to the 2022 market, which is way different from the past few years!

Emotions and Trading

It’s not about controlling your emotions — it’s about noticing them. As Andres observes, simply noticing allows you to act instead of react. Plus, learn how literal surfing has helped him surf his emotions while trading!

For Andres, trading is a long-tail commitment. It isn’t a drive-by. He wants to be here for 20-30 years or even longer. This informs his perspective — listen and learn from all the gems he drops in this episode!


Andres Armienta

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Andres Armienta’s Journey From Pre-Med to Pro Trader

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