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0:30 - How to access Kim's FREE e-book, "Discipline & Finding Your Edge"
0:50 - Introduction to Andand Sanghvi and Sang Lucci
4:00 - FTX: what happened? Anand breaks it down.
8:50 - Key lessons for traders from the FTX debacle
13:45 - Traders' memories, trends, and more
17:59 - Advice to seasoned traders for navigating crypto in the future + the "scam economy"
23:50 - Anand's two books, "The Red Pill," and "Options Made Simple"
24:15 - Anand's take on how to cope with losses
31:55 - Over to Twitter Space
33:05 - FTX and Anand's loss
37:50 - Acceptance and lessons from a big loss
41:00 - Anand speaks about mindset and the wisdom he has gained in 16 years of trading
47:00 - How to take losses in stride
49:50 - How Anand's self-awareness developed
56:25 - Discipline vs. numbing
58:16 - Into the questions and commentary section
1:04:00 - Don't spread yourself too thin!
1:06:39 - Commentary from Nate of Investors Underground
1:11:03 - The importance of a community
1:15:00 - The importance of generosity and giving back
1:17:50 - Why traders must respect the market
1:21:00 - Where does trading end and real life start?

Ep 66: Anand Sanghvi of Sang Lucci: FTX & The Power of Your Trading Mindset

As Anand Sanghvi of Sang Lucci puts it, “You can be a great trader and still have your demons.” The question is, how are these demons holding you back? 

In this no-holds-barred and often hilarious interview, The Wall Street Podcast host Kim Ann Curtin and Sanghvi cover a variety of topics relevant to traders right now. Tune in to get Sanghvi’s take on the FTX debacle, a frank discussion about overcoming losses, and why mindset and community are so crucial for traders at every level. 

About Anand Sanghvi & Sang Lucci

Anand Sanghvi, AKA “Lucci,” is a professional large cap options and futures trader and the founder and lead trading educator at Sang Lucci. He has successfully traded equities and options since 2006, and he launched his first hedge fund, Sang Lucci Capital Partners, LP, in 2012.

He uses his story — evolving from a Boston hustler to a company founder and hedge fund partner — to inspire students around the world and help them understand themselves as traders. He teaches them the methodology that’s taken him to where he is today.

As an educator, Sanghvi’s goal is to teach the world how the options markets actually work and what it really means to be a trader. On a daily basis, he educates hundreds of traders via, many of whom have poured thousands into “gurus” that claimed to have a magic bullet for their success. His job is to explain why there is no shortcut to profitability, and begin the process of helping them really learn how to maximize their chances of making money.

At, Sanghvi and his team’s approach has approach has paid off substantially, both for the team and the trading community and students. To learn more, check out the free e-book “The Red Pill” on

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Check out Anand’s books: “The Red Pill” and “Options Made Simple

The event where Kim met Anand in person: Traders For a Cause

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