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Imagine being able to see the depth and breadth of everyone on your team, board, or in your firm.

The Judgment Index has taken part in 30 Clinical Studies over a 40-Year span of experience working with over 300 Companies in 6 Countries in nearly every industry.

Imagine having X-RAY VISION when bringing new staff, managers or partners into your organization.

The Judgment Index can give you insights into a number of critical areas such as how well an employee follows direction, their ability to focus and concentrate, their problem-solving skills and big picture strategizing, as well as their level of morale. You will receive tangible scores that pinpoint a director’s ability to notice nuance and lean into their intuition when making decisions.
Other skills such as managing difficult people, trustworthiness, assertiveness, resilience and coping well with stress are all evaluated, along with a person’s relationship with risk.

Unleash your team’s full potential by combining The Judgment Index Assessment Results with a Personalized Coaching Program

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