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The Judgment Index can quantify your performance in an array of critical areas, including decisiveness, focus and concentration, as well as your tendency to secure small profits or aim for huge gains.

The Judgment Index has taken part in 30 Clinical Studies over a 40-Year span of experience working with over 300 Companies in 6 Countries in nearly every industry.

Imagine how valuable it would be if you could measure the quality of your decisions. Just as important as it is to track and quantify your trading performance, imagine having the ability to measure the quality of your evaluation process.

Consider for a moment what draws you to a specific trade? Or trading strategy? In one of the most cognitively demanding positions in the world, it is vital to understand how clear and wise your evaluations are with the trades you make. The Judgment Index has the ability to illuminate dangerous predispositions in your evaluation process, giving you the edge you long for.

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