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Kim’s exceptional coaching and wisdom helped countless TrueTrader members “Kim is a master coach in every way. Trading asks everything of a person and during the most challenging times it’s difficult to find your way mentally. Kim’s exceptional coaching and wisdom helped countless TrueTrader members find the courage and confidence to overcome their mental baggage and become the best versions of themselves. These transformations often transcending their trading careers and deeply impacted their very lives. This is not hyperbole but eye-witness testimony. Working with Kim has been one of the most rewarding endeavors we’ve offered our membership.”
Benito Segovia
CTO and Co-Founder of
“Kim was able to put words to a lot of the common frustrations, issues, and emotions that traders deal with … my colleague and I had some mind-blowing sessions with Kim as well as some major breakthroughs.”
Tim Bohen
Lead Trainer, Stocks to Trade & SteadyTrade Podcast Host
My Work with Kim Helped to Uncover Blindspots “As someone relatively new to trading, I sought Kim out for support. For ten years I’ve been a professional poker player, so I understand that trading is a lot like gambling and since I am someone always looking to explore areas where an edge can be found, I’ve done extensive psychological and spiritual work on myself. Kim not only boosted my confidence to continue the path I am on, but my work with her helped to uncover some blind spots. Her gentle guidance has been invaluable to me for my journey to discover my true self. Today, the calmness and serenity I bring to trading — most mornings — is largely due to this genuine, empathic, and intelligent woman.”
Ray D’Argenio
Trader/Poker Player & Co Host Confessions of a Market Maker
My Highest Profit Month (Double My Previous Best) Since I started working with Kim, I’ve had my highest profit month (double my previous best). Kim brings out the best in me. We met through a mutual gig where she stood out to me thanks to her endless ideas for improving my team’s current process. I have worked with her as a coach for several months now, and I’m astounded by how she has helped me uncover the ‘dragon in the basement.’ From our first meeting, Kim has helped me improve my confidence so I can forge my own unique path. A pre-interview conversation with her helped me to nail my first interview and land a new job doing work I love. If you need help in your trading journey, career, or personal life, Kim will go above and beyond for you. Coaching is a two-way street, and much will be asked of you, but if you take it on, you’ll see changes in your trading, and your life after the first session.
Matthew Monaco
Arsenal of Mental Weapons “I’ve never really believed in therapists or coaches of any kind. I’ve spent my whole life thinking you basically have to cure yourself of your issues. Then I met with performance coach Kim Ann Curtin. I was excited but still reluctant to dive into my personal life with a stranger. I can’t even begin to explain how much value I found in meeting with her. Kim not only made me feel like she was my best friend I could talk about anything with, but she never passed judgment and always had a tool to help me remedy my issues. Within two sessions, I had an arsenal of mental weapons to help me with both my trading issues and my life outside the markets. After meeting with Kim, I felt confident I could remedy my gremlins and grow as a person and a trader.”
James Freedlender
US Equities Trader
Applying Her No B.S. Approach, My Consistency Skyrocketed “While I am a consistent trader, after only one conversation with Kim, and applying her no B.S. approach, my consistency skyrocketed. I highly recommend her services.”
Alex B.
The Trader
Unlock Your Internal Strengths “Having had the pleasure of working with Kim Ann Curtin, I can tell you she is an excellent coach and guide. She can unlock your internal strengths. She can better you, just as she has already done for so many.”
Peter Leeds
The Penny Stock Professional, Modern Strategies, Inc. Line 6 Holdings
I’m the Observer of My Own Trading “Kim and I started our calls less than a year ago. Since then, my trading turned around from negative to profitable and has remained profitable ever since. Kim coached me on how to manage my mind. She taught me how to look at why I was taking a trade—the intention behind it. Now that I’m the observer of my trading and the action behind each trade, I’ve turned a corner. If you need more discipline talk to Kim.”
Stephen Johnson
Benefited Tremendously “I have benefited tremendously many times from Kim’s wisdom as I have had to navigate the folks on Wall Street. I am a priest at Trinity and have had to rely on Kim’s wisdom several times when advising this clientele. I highly, and without reservation, recommend her.”
The Rev. Mark Bozutti-Jone
Pastoral Care, Trinity Wall Street
Catalyst for Possibility, Passion and Profit “Asking the right questions is one of the most important strategies for success. This is one of Kim’s many gifts. She is a master at finding precisely the question to ask to lead to incredible discoveries. A coaching session with Kim is a catalyst for possibility, passion and profit.”
Ellen Rogin
Ellen Rogin
CPA, CFP President Strategic Financial Designs Inc. Author of Great with Money: The Women’s Guide to Prosperity
Results Well Beyond Originally Intended “When you hire The Wall Street Coach, you’re hiring a strategic company who listens to the needs of your organization from a global perspective and to that of the individual. Kim Ann Curtin, Founder and CEO, is a keen listener and problem-solver that is both trustworthy and sincere. She has the ability to help navigate through the mind field of work/life balance. Kim has an amazing ability to make people and entire teams feel comfortable and approaches every session without judgment. Companies who hire The Wall Street Coach will see results well beyond what they originally intended.”
Chief HR Officer of a Global Equity Firm
Blended Personal and Professional Fulfillment “I hired Kim to help me expand my growing business and I received so much more than I asked for in hiring her. In a nut shell, not only has my business grown, but with her guidance, I have restructured this growth business to support my life — and not the other way around. My personal life and professional life are no longer compartmentalized. By further defining my values and, with Kim’s encouragement, structuring my business to support my priorities, I now have blended personal and professional fulfillment derived from profitable activities performed in my career management practice. I recommend Kim to any driven professional who wants to find inner fulfillment from their outward achievements.”
Lisa Rangel
Managing Director, Chameleon Resumes
Few Can Match Kim’s Extraordinary Ability “I have known Kim Ann Curtin for 14 years and had the pleasure to work with closely as a professional coach. As a veteran of the coaching profession, and a Past President of the International Coach Federation, I have met many coaches around the world. Few can match Kim’s extraordinary ability to champion a client, call forth their very best, connect them to their passions and support them as they move into action. She is an evangelist for her client’s success. If you have the opportunity to work with Kim in any capacity, you would be very fortunate.”
Steve Mittin
Steve Mitten
CPCC, MCC Former President of the International Coach Federation
Seeing the Potential in People “When I reached out to Kim, I was already a very successful executive, in fact on the brink of a promotion, but I still felt my A+ game eluded me and I wanted more time for family. Kim helped me determine how to position my promotion so I could honor both. Additionally having her as a neutral sounding board enabled me to create a solution that had previously eluded me and my peers which our executive team found to be a breakthrough idea. Working with her also facilitated a more powerful interaction with my team, first by helping me to identify their needs and my own, which once met, empowered how we worked together. Kim has an eye and a heart for seeing the potential in people. I highly recommend her.”
Kevin Hahn
Kevin Hahn
Regional Director, CRC|Crump
Inner Confidence Returned “I reached out to Kim to fulfill a personal need of defining and re-assessing my 15 year financial career in hopes of finding career fulfillment and a greater sense of bringing my true self to the job every day. Unexpectedly I was laid off from my company and Kim offered me immediate support, guidance and connections to successfully exit a tough situation with pride and a much anticipated outlook for my future. We worked closely together over six months and I was able to attain all of my initial goals and then some. My career aspirations are clear, core strengths identified, inner confidence returned and personal spark is prevalent in all aspects of my life.”
Vice President
Institutional Client Service for Top Tier Asset Manager
Tremendous Desire to Make a Difference “Kim is a person of enormous energy, creativity, passion, drive, and generosity. Her coaching is motivated by a tremendous desire to make a difference, to contribute, and to help others.”
Alan Webber
Alan M. Webber
Co-Founding Editor, Fast Company Magazine, Former Editorial Director, Harvard Business Review and Author of Rules of Thumb
Best Friend, Soothsayer and Professional Guru “Personally, I think one of Kim’s greatest talents is her keen ability to be an objective listener. As a coach Kim is like a best friend, a soothsayer, and a professional guru all rolled in one.”
Christine Janssen
Founder & President, denken Research & Consulting
Identified Many of My Limiting Beliefs “I was fortunate to have my company hire Kim as my coach and after working together for six months I couldn’t be happier. Kim was very observant and identified many of my limiting beliefs that I never would have seen on my own. Her guidance extended well past our one-one-one sessions. Her introductions to other resources including techniques to use in my professional and personal life as well as important books continue to serve me. The work I’ve done with Kim will stay with me for the rest of my life.”
Art Director
Leading Cosmetics Firm
Concise Breakthroughs “Kim Ann Curtin worked with one of our most exceptionally appreciated employees whose progress within the company was impeded by her shyness. Keenly aware of how strongly influenced she was by the traditional gender roles of her cultural background, Kim was able to help her make clear and concise breakthroughs. When Kim helped her to recognize her unique cultural perspective as an advantage, confidence emerged from within. Over the course of several months of coaching, the potential we recognized emerged and her value within the company increased.”
Global General Manager
Leading Cosmetics Firm

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