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The Base Camp Package

Ensure you are prepared for the market every day when you show up.

The Wall Street Coach is an executive coaching firm that specializes in helping traders overcome the inevitable emotional and psychological hurdles in trading.

Your success as a trader 100% depends on your self awareness of how you exist in the market. The Base Camp Package will deliver answers to what is holding you and your trading back, along with nearly three hours of video courses from Kim Ann Curtin, and a morning checklist & trading journal so that you’re not chasing the market.

The Base Camp Package is perfect for retail traders who are looking to capitalize on the opportunity the market presents to them without getting in their own way. This is for traders that know being emotionally and psychologically prepared everyday will change how they trade and provide them with the discipline they have longed for to finally take full advantage of the opportunities that come along. 

The tools in this DIY package are fundamental in the work we do at The Wall Street Coach with all of our
top traders.

Included in The Base Camp Package:

The Base Camp Package Wall Street Coach

Effective Self-Paced Trader Program


  • Trader Positioning Index – The Wall Street Coach’s unique and proprietary Trader Positioning Index will help you see just how weak or strong your stamina is, how secure you feel about your current patterns and processes, and most importantly where your resilience measures on the scale. Knowing where your invisible inhibitors lurk is the key to finally transcending them. This index will allow you to finally see with clarity how you rate on the 12 most critical areas of judgment as a trader. Includes a 35+ page Personal Narrative with detailed explanations of the significance of each indicator and ways you can improve your scores.
  • 2 – Individual Coaching Calls
    • One 60-minute coaching call to discuss the results of your Trader Positioning Index results with Lead Facilitator and Trading Coach.
    • One 60-minute 30-day coaching follow-up call to review your success.
  • Trader Check In – Our custom-created checklist will help you identify exactly where you are emotionally & psychologically before jumping into the market. This will provide you a cold hard truth on where you’re at before you sacrifice your trading account. This checklist is a game changer. 
  • Trading Journal – Downloadable journal complete with prompts to identify why you took a trade and if you were lured into traps or if you stuck to your plan.
  • The Self Aware Trader Kim Ann Curtin’s Four Ebook Series
      • Book 1: Ego and Inner Gremlins: How Your Emotions Impact Your Trading
      • Book 2: Deconstructing Greed and Fear of Failure
      • Book 3: Navigating FOMO and Comfort With Loss
      • Book 4: Discipline and Finding Your Edge
  • Trading EQ with Kim Ann Curtin – 2.5 Hours of Trading EQ Gold. In this Four Part Self-Paced Trading Course, you’ll dive into these video classes: 
    1. Why Winners Win
    2. Increasing Mental Toughness
    3. How the Trading Body is Hardwired
    4. Universal Needs

What Our Clients are Saying:

“The majority of the work that I have been doing is with the help of Kim Ann Curtin. For me, the work has to do with reconciling my feelings about success, feelings about myself and living my best life while I’m ahead and sustaining it.”
Brian Lee
“Since I started working with Kim, I've had my highest profit month (double my previous best). She brings out the best in me. I have worked with her as a coach for several months now, and I'm astounded by how she has helped me uncover the 'dragon in the basement.' From our first meeting, Kim has helped me improve my confidence so I can forge my own unique path. Coaching is a two-way street, and much will be asked of you, but if you take it on, you’ll see changes in your trading, and your life after the first session."
Matthew Monaco
Equities Trader
“Kim is an excellent executive coach. Her perspective, input and insight over the last few months have helped me hone my brand and focus and plans. Her strategic vision and big picture thinking are second to none. She is adept at understanding the finance world and human nature. A rare and effective combo. Her knowledge is robust. I recommend her if you are ready to up level personally or professionally."
Howard Lindzon
General Partner at Social Leverage
“Kim is a master coach in every way. Trading asks everything of a person and during the most challenging times it’s difficult to find your way mentally. Kim’s exceptional coaching and wisdom helped countless TrueTrader members find the courage and confidence to overcome their mental baggage and become the best versions of themselves. These transformations often transcending their trading careers and deeply impacted their very lives. This is not hyperbole but eye-witness testimony. Working with Kim has been one of the most rewarding endeavors we’ve offered our membership.”
Benito Segovia
CTO and Co-Founder of
“Kim was able to put words to a lot of the common frustrations, issues, and emotions that traders deal with … my colleague and I had some mind-blowing sessions with Kim as well as some major breakthroughs.”
Tim Bohen
Lead Trainer for Stocks to Trade
“Trading EQ was able to take me out of the craziness of trading, assess myself & my trading from a deeper perspective and provided all of the tools needed to refine the biggest edge I have.. Me! Investing is 80% emotional control, 20% skill. Kim teaches you step by step how to maximise your 80% to become the most well equipped trader in the market! HIGHLY Recommend!"
Tyler Jordan
Equities Trader

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