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Crack the Code on a NEW Level of High-Performance Trading… with this “X-Ray” of Your Most Overlooked Trading Edge

Imagine being able to smash through ALL the invisible barriers holding you back from hitting your most ambitious goals. In your trading and beyond.

This “X-Ray” tool hands you the keys to unlock a new level of performance … in just minutes.

Here's how...

You could know everything in the world about technical analysis and rattle off chart patterns in your sleep…

But if you don’t execute when it matters, it will constantly hold you back from reaching the next level.

Imagine being able to finally trade on your rules consistently … no matter what the markets are doing. Imagine the command you’d finally have over your career.

And the happiness you’d feel outside of work bringing that same control and peace of mind to your home life and relationships.

Master your judgment, master your career.
Master your judgment, master your life.

Several hidden problems plague even the most successful traders:

  1. Self-sabotage
  2. Overconfidence
  3. Fear of failure
  4. Weak strategic thinking
  5. Undervaluing self-care
  6. Poor data analysis leading to flawed decision making
Balance Meaningfulness

Master traders show a deep understanding of their limitations and their strengths, and they build a system that leverages those to their advantage. 

Which means that until you get a handle on these problems and learn to master them, you’ll be constantly swimming upstream to reach your goals. 

Once you know which of these is holding you back from making the right moves, you’ll finally be able to make better decisions for yourself and improve your work and your life. 

And the best way to help you make better decisions and unlock deeper potential is with this brand new tool for traders…

Values Dial

Your judgment is what informs every single choice you make. This is not something you have, it’s who you are. It evolves throughout your life and is influenced by every event, experience, and individual you meet.

The Trader Positioning Index measures over 70 different areas of your personal judgment structure. It exposes:

It’s easy to make the wrong decisions in your trading when your values are out of whack.

When you lean too heavily in one direction, it can send you racing down the wrong path – toward a destination that could leave you empty and unfulfilled.

Imagine knowing exactly what steps to take in your trading to launch you toward a life filled with passion, excitement, and joy.

Problem Solving

The Trader Positioning Index will shine a spotlight on every area of your trading and your life. You’ll immediately see where you’re out of balance so you can finally have breakthrough after breakthrough in both your work and personal life.

Based on the Nobel Prize nominated life’s work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman, this assessment is unlike any other. This is not a personality assessment, IQ test, nor an emotional balance test.

The Trader Positioning Index goes to a deeper level than any traditional assessment you’ve ever taken. It identifies the values that drive every decision you make.

The Trader Positioning Index with The Wall Street Coach will give you a crystal clear view into your unique decision-making process and allow you to move forward with a world-class coach to finally amplify your strengths, identify blind spots, and build yourself up where you need it most.

Listen to Barry’s incredible results and the shocking revelation that helped him reinvent and revitalize his business:

"I was really shocked by the results I got."

The Trader Positioning Index Will Show You How to...

If you want to build your fail-safe trading strategy to ensure you master any volatility that life or the markets throws at you...

This is your roadmap.

Understanding judgment has powerful implications for personal development, team building, hire/promotion, risk/safety, engagement, and innovation, among other applications.

Trader Positioning Index Online Assessment

Diamond Index Score Sheet

Diamond Scoresheet

Personalized Narrative: A Detailed Positioning Index Blueprint

Personal Narrative

Value: $1,900

2 – One-on-One Coaching Sessions to Review Your Unique Profile


Value: $995

Our certified Diamond Index Assessment team of coaches will deliver you:
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Here's what clients have to say about the

Trader Positioning Index...

My jaw almost hit the table…
“Kim dug deep and delivered her hour-long assessment, my jaw almost hit the table because it felt as if Kim had lived inside my head and fully understood my value system, thought process, and behavioral tendencies. And with that, Kim offered great and pragmatic insights into how I can do even better.”

– Thuan Pham, former CTO of Uber

Showed me how I can minimize my weaknesses and double down on my strengths.
“Working with the Trader Positioning Index showed me how I can minimize my weaknesses and double down on my strengths. For a trader, business owner, entrepreneur – anyone who needs to think concretely and act decisively – these are invaluable insights. I highly recommend you do this work for yourself, the results can be profound.”

– Aaron Gentzler, Financial Publisher

I have real clarity (for the first time) on my biggest hang ups…
“I recently took Kim up on taking the Trader Positioning Index. Having taken many personality profile tests before, I pretty much figured I knew everything. I wasn’t prepared for the results of the Trader Positioning Index. I have real clarity (for the first time) on my biggest hang ups… in a way no one has ever done so before. This was so simple to understand and take action from. I wish I had been exposed to this 5 years ago.”

– Barry Randall, CEO of the LSC Investment Group UK

Key information that I was able to use to begin to improve my life.
“I was super impressed with the high quality insights provided by the Trader Positioning Index. In particular, it provided a nuanced view of my personality, its benefits, and its challenges. Last, it provided me with key information that I was able to use to begin to improve my life.”

– Jason Apollo Voss, CFA | CEO, Active Investment Management (AIM) Consulting

This test uncovered something critical in my toolkit.
“I have a degree in psychology, and have been deeply interested in personality and behavior tests since the 70s. Most of them were at best hit-or-miss, with very little tangible insight I could use in the real world. This test, however, uncovered something critical in my toolkit that I was unconscious of — the way I immediately zoom to a “bird’s eye view” on any situation or problem, and see the ramifications of every move as if they were obvious. I thought everyone was able to see the Big Picture, but now realize that’s not true. It’s the secret sauce in my successful career, and I’m just stunned I never realized it before. So thanks Kim — any test that can uncover something so essential and important to anyone’s “professional makeup” like that is a critical step in understanding ourselves. Highly recommended.”

– John Carlton,

When you enroll in the Trader Positioning Index, you’ll finally see your strengths and weaknesses with perfect clarity…

You’ll recognize exactly what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential…

And you’ll shine a spotlight on the unconscious motivators influencing every decision you make in the market and your life.

Now it’s time for you to make a decision.


You can close this page and keep pushing forward as you always have before…

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