“Deep, inspiring, provocative. This book makes you believe in the American Dream again.”
Tahl Raz
Author of #1 New York Times Best-Seller Never Eat Alone
Transforming Wall Street

Transforming Wall Street

Transforming Wall Street combines fresh insight, intelligence and experience from fifty leading Wall Street luminaries, together with a panel of academic experts and a wide-ranging group of Teachers of Consciousness. 

It is with keen observation that Author Kim Ann Curtin offers us an eye-opening and soul-inspiring glimpse into the ways in which Conscious Capitalism is about to transform the financial industry as we know it.

Just a few among The Wall Street 50 interviewed

Wall Street Top 50
Wall Street Top 50
“Kim Ann Curtin delivers brilliant answers to the capitalist bashers and wolves of Wall Street alike.”
Oswald Grubel
Former Group CEO UBS
“This extraordinary book is a Rosetta Stone for financial leaders and anyone who wishes to transform his or her relationship with money. Kim Ann Curtin brilliantly bridges the world of investment with the journey of awakening. If every financier read this book and applied its principles, the world would be a far happier and more prosperous place.”
Alan Cohen
Author of The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

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