0:30 - Introduction to Tom Brammar & Stackin'
2:38 - People's relationship with money
5:30 - Addressing your belief system around money
11:35 - How Stackin' got to where it is today
15:30 - The mental health crisis around money
22:45 - The two inflection points for financial awakenings
25:22 - Stackin's money types: which type are you?
31:27 - The first step to changing your mindset about money (WOW)
35:57 - A new way of looking at money
39:45 - How our "stories" affect our relationship with money
43:06 - What are the symptoms of an unhealthy relationship with money?
45:20 - Are you in touch with your actual money goals?
48:30 - Relationships change (including your relationship with money!)
48:30 - Stackin' is attackin' THIS endemic issue

Tom Brammar & Stackin’: Your Guide to a Better Relationship with Money

Want a better relationship with money? Don’t miss this episode!

Tom Brammar is the CEO & President of Stackin‘, a financial therapy business with a mission to fix our relationship with money. Stackin’s app leverages behavior based change, cognitive behavioural therapy and direct one-on-one coaching to help us understand the “why” behind our money behaviors and build a healthy practice of financial wellness so everyone can achieve their goals.
He’s also the Vice Chairman of Netguru, one of Europe’s leading digital consultancies, and a non-executive director of GlobalSource Partners, an emerging-market research business headquartered in New York.

Prior to this he was a strategic consultant for a number of high growth startups and blue chip firms having co-founded a business with the Financial Times and built & sold his own mobile technology company.

He began his career in the music industry working with such artists as Underworld, Elbow, Stereophonics, Tom Jones and a bunch of others who are now flipping burgers somewhere.

What To Expect in This Episode 

Did you know that many people who earn over $250K per year feel like they’re living paycheck to paycheck?
Many people believe that the solution to money problems is more money. Tom Brammar begs to differ. As the CEO of Stackin‘, a “financial therapy business,” he wants to help you find a better way. In this interview, he’ll explain his fascinating journey to finance and offer some actionable tips you can implement today to begin to improve your relationship with money.

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